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Member’s Club Bylaws

Salinas Fairways Bylaws 2015 

2018 Tournament Calendar – Jan 2018

Tournament Information

The Board has been informed of an NCGA rule pertaining to use of multiple tees in a tournament. This rule states that In tournaments where players are using different tee boxes with different course ratings the handicaps will be adjusted to make the stroke differential equal for all players. This rule shall be in effect for all tournaments effective Sept. 2, 2010.


Local Rules 


Memorial Wall

The “Memorial Wall” (in the form of a finished board with engraved plaques in the clubhouse) is to honor those individuals that have had a significant impact on the local golfing community, and specifically at Salinas Fairways. The following criteria will be used to help define that select group of individuals. The Board is actively compiling a list of deceased members that meet most or all of the following criteria:

Continuous club membership for 10 or more years and doing so in the best traditions of golf while exhibiting strong character, congenial behavior, and stewardship of the game.

Significant contributions to the Club, its membership, and the golf course as an active member of the Board of Directors.

Past Club Champion and/or Salinas City Champion.

Historical figure that has advanced the development and quality of golf, both at Salinas Fairway and within the golfing community.

If you have a name or names you’d like to submit for consideration, please respond by email, or contact any Board member. It would be helpful to include year of death and why you feel the member should be considered, relative to the criteria. Final selection will be by Board vote based on input received from the membership and other sources.


Board of Directors, Salinas Fairways Golf Club




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